Sunday, August 19, 2012

English Convention

Hey All,

Im sure you have all been very busy like we have here. I want to get better about posting updates. So I figured I would start with our District Convention we had the last week of July. It was an amazing experience! Along with the wonderful spiritual food, this convention is very unique as far as who attends.

Ill give you some background information on this convention so you can see why it is so special. About 10 years ago when more need greaters started coming out to Ecuador the brothers saw the need for these friends, most of which English was there first language, to be encouraged by continuing to have the District Convention in English. So the program was not for a circuit but for the need greaters throughout Ecuador. So even though today English is now a foreign field that is being focused on here in Ecuador and that has become a circuit, the English District Convention is made up of mostly friends who are in the full time service: English speaking need greaters, pioneers, missionaries, ect. You can imagine how exciting this is, going to a convention of about 1000 in attendance, friends from all over the world, serving in full time service and in all parts and languages in Ecuador. A truly unique experience!

I hope you all enjoyed and benefited from this years program as much as we did!