Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drama y Luz

Fabrizio, Gisela, Mary Beth, Israel, Vanessa, Benjamin, Alyssa, Ariel, Katherine, Ramiro

We love concerts! ...even if we don't understand any of the lyrics ;) Mana [n has the squigggle] is a Mexican rock band that is HUGE in Latin America. All our new buds were going and we love to jump around and yell so yay we go. Had the BEST time ever. We looked liked the biggest fans you'd of never guessed we didn't know the songs (actually Alys knew 1 song but still not real fans). Took FOREVER to start but ended with a bang, LITERALLY fireworks!!! And it was huge, as you can see, 15,000 to 20,000 people. 
Look at our Fun. :D

See great times! YouTube them. I like Oye Mi amor, Alyssa likes Corazon Espinado, and Vanessa likes Mariposa Tracionera.

btw title of blog is name of the tour

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Porta Quito & Mindo

Joed, Cathy, Diego, Ariel, Jose Luis, Jessa, Alys 
Since we were out there in the jungle we we went tubing! Oh man were we ecstatic :D For those who don't know what that is we get the inner tubes from tires, tie them together sit in them and ride down the river. The current was really strong but that made it more awesome. We saw a tucan and a snake. Woah that snake almost touched me so freaky, it was grey and blue, idk if that means poisonous or not but still, snakes are weird, I don't like them.

Vanessa, Alys, Ariel, Joed, Ramiro, Jose Luis, lady idk
On Monday we went to Mindo another small town out there but still in the Los Bancos' territory. This town is a major tourist attraction. You can do zip lining, waterfall repelling, and tubing. (We went to a local spot to do tubing so we were alone and the river was longer). We didn't have enough time to try waterfall repelling but did the Zip lining. Really neat stuff, its 10 long lines crossing the valley.  Amazing views and so much fun! Alyssa tried this trick called the 'superman' and I did the 'butterfly' cause we brave haha ;) We are defiantly going back before we leave.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spanish Meetings...

The Los Bancos congregation at the Kingdom hall...(some of them)

Why did we leave Quito for the weekend??

Vanessa's friend Joed was giving his first public talk and like the good friends we are we gotta support him! Spanish congregation, so I have no clue if he did well or not but he looked very poised haha. We tried to follow along as much as possible looking up the scriptures and guessing the theme of the talk, good times. 
The Watchtower study was fun too. I do not enjoy commenting, just a fyi, but I made it a goal to comment at every meeting here in Ecuador... even in Spanish. Woot woot we both did it! The congregation was so cute after, they came up to us and said 'congratulations' instead of good job. BTW this guy reminds me so much of Keith!! Even his style right? Tell me not.

Los Bancos

Jessa, Alys, Vanessa, & Jose Luis
This past weekend we took a bus 2.5 hours down the mountain into the valleys and stopped in a small town called Los Bancos. We had a blast and so many stories that we have to tell in person because it's better with facial expressions!

In service Alyssa stayed with the congregation in town for service, btw its a Spanish congregation thats speaks NO ENGLISH. Such a trooper proud of that girl, she is so gonna be fluent way before me. Working door to door with a sister they started a couple studies! I went with Jessa, Vanessa, Joed, Jose Luis, and this other sister that we picked up and went off into the campos. Thats like isolated areas. We did studies and preached in one of the other small towns out there.

I joined Joed on this study above and they were so cool! Its two little kids and their mom (the mom was busy that day.) They all live and work on this farm but they don't go to school. So when Joed goes and studies with them he also teaches them to read and write. Super cute family I was trying to sneak pictures of them practicing their letters but the little girl saw me. She liked my camera so I took a picture with her. It was in Spanish so I didn't understand much but they read Jonah and in their answers they always used Jehovah's name :D 

The Ministry

So we have told you a lot about things happening here as far as culture but we wanted to share a bit more about the ministry we have been experiencing. We love our territory back home and have had good experiences there but those come by less often. Here they are a daily happening. The following experiences happened in one day...

- First thing in the morning 3 sisters broke off to check on a bible study that was turned over, they haven't seen or meet this women Cindy before. Looking for her with no house address, just the street name and the description of a "blue gate." They didn't find her and returned to work with the group. As the group continued census we worked our way down to that street and found this young women, Cindy at a house with a blue wall and green gate. Ariel started her presentation and was surprised when she said "I study." Ariel put the pieces together that she was the girl they were looking for in the morning. They sat down and studied for an hour, she had all her books, English and Spanish set out on her table ready to go. She asked many questions and commented in her own words, even opened up about her personal life to Ariel and another sister Helen, this being the first time they met. She is very excited to have her study resumed.

-We often do public witnessing at places like the mall to find english speakers, wether its people we see walking or we check with staff at the stores. During a short coffee break, a very zealous sister Helen (from England) stop a young women and asked her if she spoke English. She did and had a nice conversation. This women began to express herself a lot in Spanish and Helen was having a little trouble following everything she was saying so she called over Marilee a sister fluent in Spanish and English, she has been serving in Ecuador for over 10 years. The 3 of them spoke for about 20 minuets, talking about how she has been searching through various religions but has not been able to find satisfying answers to her questions. They explained to Bible Study arrangement which she readily accepted, exchanged contact information and arranged to study at a later time.

Marilee (wearing the hat), Helen on far right. 

-During census we work house to house, but continue to be observant for people walking that may speak English. This often leads to nice conversations and in our sister Becky's case Bible Studies! She stopped a young women who was American, studying in collage here in Ecuador. It was to Becky's surprise when she said she used to study in the states, and has been waiting for the Witnesses to contact her here. In fact the Witnesses did contact her during door to door but it was the Spanish congregation and she was sad that she could not express to them that she wanted to resume her study. Becky also invited her to meeting which she so conveniently lives within minuets walking distance to the Kingdom Hall! Contact information was exchanged and we all look forward to see how this study turns out.

-In the afternoon a sister and her mom were done for the day so they decided to have some lunch. Being that a lot of restaurants are small and cozy they were able to talk to the restaurant owner about the Bible, in Spanish. As the conversation continued they sister Monica asked if she spoke English, she didn't but her two sons did. Guess who walked into the restaurant just then? Yes her sons! They talked with Monica and her mom for over an hour, she invited them to meeting and they were excited for this invitation even asked if they could bring their friends. We were out of town but look forward to hearing who came to meeting on Saturday. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monster City

Map of Qutio Territory

Follow the link above to see the size of our territory. With the city and the valleys included the territory population is just under 3 million people. The English congregation here in Quito covers this territory with an average of 35-40 publishers. The brothers and sisters will do census work in an area about 1 time a year if not longer. The large territory can be intimidating but is extremely fruitful and in our first week here we have had many encouraging experiences.

Fun Facts!

  • On the computer, if you look next to the L they have 2 extra keys a N with a squiggle and a C with a tail!
  • We are 10,000 feet above sea level, makes breathing a little bit difficult.
  • Bus ride costs 25 cents.
  • Staying in the lanes while driving is optional, and you must honk your horn at least twice every minute.
  • Imported goods like clothing, food, and make up are 3x as much. Local goods and services, dirt cheap! (Ariel's getting eye lash extensions for $10 SCORE! and Alyssa is getting her hair trimmed $5 Oh Yeah)
  • Our bathroom light and room light can't be on at the same time hahaha one of them will turn off.
  • No such thing as a door step study, everyone here invites you in and we sit, fantastic!
  • Ariel does the dishes every night cause she don't cook ;)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Listen to This

Nothing to do with why we're in Ecuador but I love these guys!! Vanessa invited some people over to our apartment for dinner and we were watching videos on youtube and one of them showed us Walk of The Earth and now I'm OBSESSED :D go look at their channel. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/user/walkofftheearth feel what I feel.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Most of us have gates, alarms, or even dogs as security. The Ecuadorians like to take a different route in feeling safe. As you can see in the pictures they build their high walls and as the cement from the final layer is drying they shove shards of glass into the top. The first picture you see is our wall so now you can all rest easy knowing we have top notch security :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

First day in service

There we are in our boots! Being in the foreign language congregation is very different for field service. We do  a census and we go house to house asking if anyone speaks English. this is my presentation... "Hola, Hay alguien que hable Ingles?" They only gave me a one sentence presentation because I have a terrible accent :( Alyssa's was a longer and sounded awesome. The people here keep talking to her in Spanish and assume she's fluent, she keeps getting earked cause her parents never talked to her in Spanish hahaha so salty. Anyway today was super fun we pulled a 10 hour day and we both found someone to talk to, good stuff. Vanessa had 2 awesome studies and they are just so grateful that we visit them. One of her studies kept wanting to make sure she was coming back soon :D. Bedtime now, we have another long day in service tomorrow more posts to come.

Meet Vanessa!

So she's the one on the left if you couldn't tell ;) Very cool girl been here for 3 years, served in various parts of Ecuador and has put her tri-lingual skills to good use. She speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese told ya she was cool! Any way I read the articles on social networking so to protect my new bud from stalkers and predators I shall keep all other personal information about her to myself :)  

lame flights and layovers

Thank you Brittani and Casey! 
We left Oregon Monday 7pm got into San Francisco had a 2 hour layover then went to Chicago had another 2 hour layover then to Miami had another 2 hour layover then finally landed in Quito Tuesday 6:20pm! Arggg to plane rides :/  Loved all the goodies, snackage was necessary the only airline that fed us was the last one to Quito. We have so much left over our new roommate loves us instantly for filling the cabinet.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi All,
Just wanted to let everyone know that we got into Ecuador safe and sound! We had 22 hours of travel but it is thankfully over. Today our roommate Vanessa had to work so we took the opportunity to unpack and adjust our bodies to the very high altitude. Really it was an excuse to be bums for the day. We had our first meeting with our new congregation. Everyone was very friendly and we are so excited to make new friends from all over the world. During the meeting a brother came up to Vanessa and asked her to sit with 2 new girls who had no publications. After the meeting they explained that someone had left a meeting invitation at their house while the friends were doing census last week. Vanessa gave them Bibles and Bible Teach books and explained the Bible study program which they accepted. Being super sweet and wanting to help us out Vanessa arranged for Ariel and I to take one study each :) The easiest studies of our lives! Sorry no pictures yet, we shall post some soon!

Alyssa & Ariel

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Our adventures begin here in Oregon at Mount Hood! There were a few firsts for us..first time Ariel visited Oregon, first time she saw snow..and first time we both tried snow boarding. How did we do you ask?...In Ariel's words "Awesome, I'm impressed with ourselves." Today was a fun day but now we get back to work, packing for Ecuador. Please keep in touch and let us know what other "firsts" you want us to try.