Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Ministry

So we have told you a lot about things happening here as far as culture but we wanted to share a bit more about the ministry we have been experiencing. We love our territory back home and have had good experiences there but those come by less often. Here they are a daily happening. The following experiences happened in one day...

- First thing in the morning 3 sisters broke off to check on a bible study that was turned over, they haven't seen or meet this women Cindy before. Looking for her with no house address, just the street name and the description of a "blue gate." They didn't find her and returned to work with the group. As the group continued census we worked our way down to that street and found this young women, Cindy at a house with a blue wall and green gate. Ariel started her presentation and was surprised when she said "I study." Ariel put the pieces together that she was the girl they were looking for in the morning. They sat down and studied for an hour, she had all her books, English and Spanish set out on her table ready to go. She asked many questions and commented in her own words, even opened up about her personal life to Ariel and another sister Helen, this being the first time they met. She is very excited to have her study resumed.

-We often do public witnessing at places like the mall to find english speakers, wether its people we see walking or we check with staff at the stores. During a short coffee break, a very zealous sister Helen (from England) stop a young women and asked her if she spoke English. She did and had a nice conversation. This women began to express herself a lot in Spanish and Helen was having a little trouble following everything she was saying so she called over Marilee a sister fluent in Spanish and English, she has been serving in Ecuador for over 10 years. The 3 of them spoke for about 20 minuets, talking about how she has been searching through various religions but has not been able to find satisfying answers to her questions. They explained to Bible Study arrangement which she readily accepted, exchanged contact information and arranged to study at a later time.

Marilee (wearing the hat), Helen on far right. 

-During census we work house to house, but continue to be observant for people walking that may speak English. This often leads to nice conversations and in our sister Becky's case Bible Studies! She stopped a young women who was American, studying in collage here in Ecuador. It was to Becky's surprise when she said she used to study in the states, and has been waiting for the Witnesses to contact her here. In fact the Witnesses did contact her during door to door but it was the Spanish congregation and she was sad that she could not express to them that she wanted to resume her study. Becky also invited her to meeting which she so conveniently lives within minuets walking distance to the Kingdom Hall! Contact information was exchanged and we all look forward to see how this study turns out.

-In the afternoon a sister and her mom were done for the day so they decided to have some lunch. Being that a lot of restaurants are small and cozy they were able to talk to the restaurant owner about the Bible, in Spanish. As the conversation continued they sister Monica asked if she spoke English, she didn't but her two sons did. Guess who walked into the restaurant just then? Yes her sons! They talked with Monica and her mom for over an hour, she invited them to meeting and they were excited for this invitation even asked if they could bring their friends. We were out of town but look forward to hearing who came to meeting on Saturday. 


  1. Hola mi hermanas!
    What wonderful experiences! Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop from Quito! You both look great & you still look like rich chicks!!! LOL
    You've made my day in gloomy/cloudy ewa beach!

    1. Thanks Auntie Meri! Yes the experiences have been wonderful, just a little update, two of these experiences have turned into consistent Bible studies and they both attend meetings :) You ask and they come! Take care..talk to you soon!

  2. How exciting for you! Cuca and I are very happy for the both of you. We will continue to pray for Jehovah to bless you. Enjoy and Aloha!

    1. Thanks Lee, Its good to hear from you. Please tell Cuca we said hello and take care!!