Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun Facts!

  • On the computer, if you look next to the L they have 2 extra keys a N with a squiggle and a C with a tail!
  • We are 10,000 feet above sea level, makes breathing a little bit difficult.
  • Bus ride costs 25 cents.
  • Staying in the lanes while driving is optional, and you must honk your horn at least twice every minute.
  • Imported goods like clothing, food, and make up are 3x as much. Local goods and services, dirt cheap! (Ariel's getting eye lash extensions for $10 SCORE! and Alyssa is getting her hair trimmed $5 Oh Yeah)
  • Our bathroom light and room light can't be on at the same time hahaha one of them will turn off.
  • No such thing as a door step study, everyone here invites you in and we sit, fantastic!
  • Ariel does the dishes every night cause she don't cook ;)


  1. Wait u have to honk twice a minute? Is that a joke or a law? Haha either way that's pretty crazy.

    1. It's a joke. How would the police monitor that? Haha Sorry we should have explained better..everyone hear honks like crazy! Taxis honk when there available to pick people up, all drivers honk as there going through intersections, turning the corner and especially when there being held up by another car.. so pretty much at all times while driving there is honking for one reason or another.