Thursday, February 9, 2012

First day in service

There we are in our boots! Being in the foreign language congregation is very different for field service. We do  a census and we go house to house asking if anyone speaks English. this is my presentation... "Hola, Hay alguien que hable Ingles?" They only gave me a one sentence presentation because I have a terrible accent :( Alyssa's was a longer and sounded awesome. The people here keep talking to her in Spanish and assume she's fluent, she keeps getting earked cause her parents never talked to her in Spanish hahaha so salty. Anyway today was super fun we pulled a 10 hour day and we both found someone to talk to, good stuff. Vanessa had 2 awesome studies and they are just so grateful that we visit them. One of her studies kept wanting to make sure she was coming back soon :D. Bedtime now, we have another long day in service tomorrow more posts to come.


  1. Haha ya I can tell which post are from Ariel and which are from alys. That's cool tho. U guys got ur own styles. Not saying which one is better�� haha. So gangster with ur boots and ur shades. Ecuadorian mafia hahaha

  2. Wow! Another first for you guys. So glad that we can stay connected someone. Go rock that espanol chicas. Que Bueno!

  3. Aloha from Ewa Beach!
    Glad u guys are finally in Quito! Love all the pics & video! You guys don't look poor! You guys look like rich chicks in boots in field! LOL
    Enjoy the fried pig - looks very crispy! Love you 2 Quito Chicas!
    O.W. says - Hi & miss you guys!