Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Los Bancos

Jessa, Alys, Vanessa, & Jose Luis
This past weekend we took a bus 2.5 hours down the mountain into the valleys and stopped in a small town called Los Bancos. We had a blast and so many stories that we have to tell in person because it's better with facial expressions!

In service Alyssa stayed with the congregation in town for service, btw its a Spanish congregation thats speaks NO ENGLISH. Such a trooper proud of that girl, she is so gonna be fluent way before me. Working door to door with a sister they started a couple studies! I went with Jessa, Vanessa, Joed, Jose Luis, and this other sister that we picked up and went off into the campos. Thats like isolated areas. We did studies and preached in one of the other small towns out there.

I joined Joed on this study above and they were so cool! Its two little kids and their mom (the mom was busy that day.) They all live and work on this farm but they don't go to school. So when Joed goes and studies with them he also teaches them to read and write. Super cute family I was trying to sneak pictures of them practicing their letters but the little girl saw me. She liked my camera so I took a picture with her. It was in Spanish so I didn't understand much but they read Jonah and in their answers they always used Jehovah's name :D 


  1. Wow - cool home schooling from Jehovah!
    Luv & hugs!!!

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    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´  I just love these pictures soooo heartwarming keep up the good work.
    Con mucho amor mama