Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hi everyone...
So first I should apologize for not posting too much recently..we've been keeping ourselves pretty busy. Also due to an unfortunate incident Ariel's camera is broken, hence the reason we haven't been posting pictures as well, don't worry though a back up camera is on its way! Alrighty now I wanted to share some encouraging things that were announced during a recent service meeting in The part "What Did We Accomplish?" When Ariel and I arrived here in Feburary our publisher count was 33. Our current publisher count is now 54! Its awesome to see so many people taking the invitation to serve in a foreign field. Our memorial attendance was 96 which was 44 people more than last year. Now for the best part...remember this is increases from the month prior so not total counts.

March- increases from February
- 3 publishers more
- 442 hours more
- 173 more mags.
- 69 more return visits
- 8 more Bible studies

April- increases from March
- 8 publishers more
- 1428 hours more

Amazing to see first hand the growth of a foreign language congregation!!! Hope you are doing good please keep us posted on how your doing! Miss you all


  1. holy moly thats awesome!! it must be so encouraging to see such growth in a congregation, and so stinkin fast! haha keep up the good work guys. :)

  2. Jehovah knows how to provide exactly what is needed at the proper time... Happy to hear you ladies are able to see the mighty "hand" of Jah in action! Isa 60:22
    Keep up your good works - thank you for your refreshing reports ;)
    Aunty Lori in beautiful Bonney Lake

  3. Hi girlies! I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know how proud we are of your hard work. Thanks for the encouraging updates... Hmmm... Jeff and I were just discussing... hypothetically... if we were to learn a foreign language to expand our ministry... it might probably be Spanish... Anyway, we miss you both! Take care and know that we are praying for your safety and continued success in your current assignment. Much agape, Gee & Jeff