Friday, April 20, 2012

F ~ R ~ I ~ E ~ N ~ D ~ S

One of the best parts of serving here in Ecuador is making friends from all over the world and knowing that we are all working towards the same goal of serving Jehovah fully. At the same time, this makes for one of the worst things about serving..saying goodbye to these new found friends :( Its interesting because Ariel and I have found we draw close to people much faster then back home, we attribute it to a combination of a few things. One were all away from friends and family...and really everything we know. Also we are all encouraging each other in this endeavor just by being here. We all are in a way forced to rely on each other for challenges and struggles we may have here. Its great to have each other and even though its the hardest thing saying goodbye we wouldn't change a thing about having these great friends...really a new family.

We have had an amazing time with a group of pioneer sisters form Canada, who are at this point some of the best friends we have made here. Girls we will truly miss your smiles, laughs and zealous spirit. Love you all and cant wait to hear about your next spiritual adventures. Maybe we can join you on the next one eh? :)

    Jaclyn ...QUITO!

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