Friday, April 6, 2012

"This isnt Kaimiloa!"

 Here is another first for me! Being raised in Ewa Beach I have only attended Memorials at Kaimiloa with the Ewa Beach Congregation :) Today we had a wonderful night commemorating the Memorial with Quito English, 96 attended, which is almost double from last year. The friends who have been serving here long term were so excited to see the growth for the Congregation. Let us know how your Memorial went!


  1. Aloha from Ewa Beach!
    What AWESOME news of the Memorial in Quito!
    I heard this morning we had 307 in attendance...
    will let you know the official count, but what a blessing all over the world! My sister's Chinese Cong. had 170 - last year was 120 I think.....
    well, as you can see I'm so old now can't remember much of anything but so wonderful to see & read of all your GREAT experiences!
    luv u both! auntie meri

    1. AUNTY MERRRIIII!!!! You are like our biggest blogger supporter :-) We loves it. Thanks for sharing the stats big crowd back home awesome sauce.